Branded and Secure

First impressions matter, so the portal is branded with your firm's logo and colors.

There is no data captured before a login is created - giving clients the peace of mind that their information is secure and a natural way to get back into the tool and continue where they left off. Plus you won't get any more complaints that "the form didn't save and now I have to fill it all in again..."


Stay in Sync

Capturing the inputs in a structured way means it becomes possible to generate a summary of the clients’ contacts, assets & decided roles and send it over to them for review - catching misunderstandings and typos before you start drafting.

And when you're ready, you can create the matter and all relevant contacts in your case management or drafting platform at the push of a button.


Portal built in

You don't need to confuse your client with separate logins for DecisionVault and for the portal in your case management tool - if you want to share documents you can do so via the Portal functionality inside of DecisionVault.

We're working on additional portal functionality like messaging and payments.


One system to gather client information

Most Estate Planning attorneys also take on Probate, Trust Administration, Elder Law or Business Planning cases.

DecisionVault allows you to create additional questionnaires - either to be filled in by a representative on behalf of someone, or by the person themselves - allowing you to handle all your client input through the same system.

Connect your legal tools to DecisionVault in seconds. Save hours.


“I got a spontaneous compliment on the intake process today! A client said how easy DecisionVault was to use. Thank you for making ME look good!”

Amy Ochi, Esq. - Ochi Law, P.C.

“DecisionVault allows me to be very efficient, organized, and at the same time present a polished client-facing view. As a true solo, this tool allows me to streamline data handling—and use the time to focus on counseling my clients.”

Jen Wulf, Esq. - Wulf Legal LLC

“The asset intake is fantastic! Clients can itemize their assets in DecisionVault, and you can export an Excel sheet to attach to their plan. This makes funding and maintenance plans so much easier!”

Lalit Kundani, Esq. - Bridge Law LLP

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