The DecisionVault Story

Say goodbye to tedious data entry

It started with 37 beneficiaries

In 2020, my wife Julia was drafting an estate plan for a client who wanted to name 37 beneficiaries. As you can imagine, entering each beneficiary one-by-one into her draft platform took hours. And this was not the first time she faced tedious and frustrating data entry.

I immediately shifted into product manager mode. 

How can I make client intake better, faster, and more efficient - for everyone?

The result was DecisionVault.

DecisionVault automates and integrates client intake information with the tools and platforms estate planning attorneys use to manage their practice. 

If you’d like to turn a confusing, manual process into an organized and easy one, take a product tour today. Like our clients around the world, you’ll be glad you did.


Wouter IJgosse

Founder & CEO, DecisionVault

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