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The story behind DecisionVault
In the beginning of 2020, my wife Julia, who is an estate planning attorney, was drafting an estate plan for a client who wanted to name 32 beneficiaries. As you can imagine, entering each beneficiary one-by-one into her drafting platform was tedious and took way too much of her time. And this was far from the first time she had spent hours on frustrating data entry.
It prompted us to ask a question: if the client is already typing in their information - how can we make it so that the data can immediately be used in the next tool to follow, without the manual data re-entry?
As we spoke to more and more attorneys, we learned how many had tried to connect their different legal tools - and the problems they encountered: Forms that cannot capture enough contacts, messy free-text financial inventory and lack of connectivity between tools.
In other words - there was way too much copy-pasting going on to run the process and to get client documents made, and at the same time the clients didn't love the experience of the long awkward forms either!
This prompted us to build DecisionVault, an intake portal that helps you gather information in a client-friendly way and use it with your other legal tools, bringing automation and organization to what was once a confusing, manual process.
Today, DecisionVault is enthusiastically used by estate planning attorneys and being discovered by law firms in other practice areas - both in the US and internationally.

Wouter IJgosse

Founder, DecisionVault

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